Swing Watch List Update 1/20/11

It’s time to clean up the Swing Watch List and load ourselves up with new setups.  Please note that stocks added to the Watch List are based entirely on technical analysis.  You’ll still need to do some leg work, especially during earnings season.  Watch for earnings dates and dates of those reporting in same sector.
Open Swings:
BPAX – up 11% with stop currently at 1.85
CBLI – triggered swing today with current stop at  7.29
Stocks recently completing swing:
Closed on 1/18:
CPE – Stopped out at 7.42 for 22.85% gain
HTM – Stopped out at 1.23 for 5.13% gain
HLX – Stopped out at 12.05 for .41% loss
ENTG – Stopped out at 7.65 for 1.7% gain
IDTI – Stopped out at 6.85 for 1.6% gain
DSCM – Stopped out at 2.3 for 1.7% gain
Closed on 1/19:
RAX – Stopped out at 34.20 for 8.88% gain
ANAD – Stopped out at 7.86 for 2.2% loss
ARCC – Stopped out at 16.9 for .59% loss
BEAV – Stopped out at 40.28 for 1.5% gain
CSE – Stopped out at 7.77 for .64% loss
ADI – Stopped out at 39.40 for 1.81% gain
LLNW – Stopped out at 6.63 for 3.5% loss
LXP – Stopped out at 8.08 for .49% loss
Closed on 1/20:
PSID – Stopped out at .82 for 17% gain.
Check out the Watch List tomorrow morning for new trade ideas..



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