Paul Singh’s New Swing Trading Chatroom: Everything You Need to Know

swing trading chatroom

It’s not just our day trading chatroom that is getting revamped. Our brand new swing trading chatroom will take the services and education we offer to a completely new level of value for members.

Over the last 10 years of teaching our students and receiving your feedback over the years, we have done an entire re-haul of our website & educational services to ensure that you guys get exactly what you want, in the most efficient fashion.

Below, you will find the features included with our new BOWS swing trader package. The essentials consist of our brand new trading room with mobile capabilities, our on-demand swing trading bootcamp, bi-weekly swing trading mentorships with Paul Singh, along with access to our swing trading reports, daily market updates, and more! Here are all the features:

New  Discord Chatroom

swing trading chatroom

Chatroom with 100’s of active swing traders sharing trade ideas 24/7. This means you can access our chat from your phone, share trading ideas, and get all of your trading questions answered by experienced traders. Have the ability to post charts and images, so you can match your trading ideas to a visual projection for the rest of the traders. We also run a tight ship in terms of our chatroom code of conduct. We want to mimic our room much as a professional trading desk. We do not tolerate any vulgar language, spam, or harassment. Repeat offenses after a warning will result in either being muted or deactivated from our service.

We want to ensure that our chatroom is efficient and useful for all traders, whether you are new and wanting to see how we navigate the markets in real-time, or you are an experienced trader who wants to join a community of like-minded traders that match your trading style.

On-Demand Trading Bootcamp

All chatroom members will have access we are also creating an On-Demand Swing Trading Bootcamp to help new and struggling traders get educated and become profitable. Some of the topics of this boot camp include:

trading chatroom

We will also be updating the video library every month with new videos of the topics of the members choice. This will ensure the boot camp will always have up to date information, and you have the knowledge you need to thrive in the current market environment.  

Daily Trading Reports

Paul Singh will send out a trading report every day filled with market analysis, trade ideas, and the status of current trading positions he is in. Here is an example of what they look like:

stock trading chatroom

Bi-Weekly Mentorship Sessions With Paul Singh

2 live webinars a week with veteran trader Paul Singh. Get up-to-date market analysis and all of your trading questions answered.

Live Market Recaps 3x A Week

Chatroom members will get market recaps three times a week from Kunal as well. In these recaps, you will get Kunal’s market analysis, see his trades, and get all of your questions answered about the boot camp material. Members will always have up to date market analysis and know what stocks are in play. 

Charting Layouts and Scans

All chatroom members will get my TC2000 charting layouts and scans. We will also provide videos for members showing you how to use the platform and a breakdown of all its relevant features. 

Invitation to Live Events

Get a personal invitation to attend one of our upcoming live events for free when you sign up with an annual subscription. Meet  Paul, Kunal, and other top traders in person and learn live.

Chatroom Code of Conduct

Our new chatroom will have a new code of conduct to ensure all members will have productive trading experience. There will be channels for different trading-related topics and an off-topic channel.  There will be strict enforcement that the relevant content is being put in the correct channel. Members that don’t abide by the chatroom code of conduct will get muted.

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For the next two weeks, we are offering a 50% LIFETIME discount off all chatroom subscriptions. Instead of paying $199 per month for either of our chatrooms, you will only pay $99 for as long as you are a BOWS member! The same applies to annual subscriptions!

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