Sunday Night Market Prep


People often ask me how I run the bulls business, our hedgefund, man the chatroom, talk on video, coach my students, all while I trade during the day.  How do I do it? Do I have 6 monitors and 6 pairs of hands?  Not at all. Most of the year Im traveling to beach towns and random places with my friends and family and I take a laptop and attach an usb monitor to it.


So how do I stay on top of the markets and trade so fast and extract money nearly every single day of the year?  Its my preperation!  So much of my prep work is done way before the market even opens. I have a very specific idea and gameplan of what I would like to do when the market opens. I have potential contigency plans if the market or the stocks I am watching our not acting in the manner I would have hoped for. A gameplan for the day is thought out well in advance. One of the huge mistakes new traders make is they come in with a big watchlist of stocks and booooom the market opens and things start flickering on your screen. You see twitter, chatrooms, your co-workers all in the background and the stocks your watching are flying around.  You get that fear that your going to miss out on stuff and you start buying and just spins out of the control.   From seeing hundreds of traders trade in our hedgefund  we have observed tens of thousands of trades and compiled extensive data and modeling on trader behavior.  95% of our traders when they trade more then 3 positions at a time or watch more then a certain amount of stocks they tend to make mental mistakes trading.   Focusing your day and your watchlists is very important it takes the hundreds of variables and external stimuli that your hit with on a daily basis and narrows it down.   For me I think very little when the trading day starts a majority of my  is just executing my gameplan and listening to music!



This is the type of things we teach in depth in our bulls bootcamp  . Its a 60 day course with a 3rd month on a trading simulator. This course is designed to take a person from steps A to Z on our method of trading.  If you have any questions on routines or anything else feel free to email me








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