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Stock Market Review



Russell 2000: -0.22%
Nasdaq Comp.: -0.76%

S&P 500: -1.15%
Dow: -1.67%

Crazy week in the markets.  the indices barely moved but volatily was back.  This is a traders market and it will punish swingtraders especially those that are long oriented.  Bear Market trading tactics are a must ….selling rips buying dips.  The S&P seems to be having trouble with the 1366 area that is the level ill be watching monday.  If we can get above that area we might see some buyers emerge.  The good thing is that the market does seem like its getting supported that s&p 1350 area seems to draw in some buyers.  Lot of catalysts this week lets do our best to trade with a plan and remember to always preserve your capital.  The market does this about 2 times a year. It never lasts forever and then much easier conditions come out of it.

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