Stock Market Review

Nasdaq Comp.: +0.68%
Russell 2000: +0.50%
S&P 500: -0.58%
Dow: -0.99%


Up and down week in the markets. We were filled with tons of economic data/headlines/ federal reserve meeting.  It was a tricky one for both longs and shorts. The market itself was a mix bag finishing slightly down on the s&p and slightly up in the nasdaQ AND the russell. The inverse head & shoulers pattern we had been watching last 2 weeks was confirmed.  The it got unconfirmed and killed with thursdays meltdown.  the market day to day is running on news and well timed pr pieces.  This has caused the trading to be a bit herky jerky (is that a word?)   Lot of stuff going on next week that is going to make the market just as wild as the previous

we have an

EU summit (for the 100th time) 

More economic data

Supremem Court ruling on obamacare

our independence day coming up july 4th! maybe traders will start to book end of the week

And then every other euro, greek, spain, germany rumor that will flood out




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