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Learn Proven Day Trading Strategies

Get started on the right path to trading success. Get access to our accelerated day trading course with over 20 hours of content, access to our trading chatroom, live market commentary,  and much more. Learn what it takes to succeed in the best profession in the world. 

Accelerated Trading Course

Trading Screenshare & Discord Chatroom Access

Daily Trading Plans and Market Recaps


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1. Get Our Accelerated Trading Course ($999 Value)

Over 20 Hours Of On Demand Trading Education You Can Start Learning Today.

Accelerated Trading Course

Taught by Lead trader Kunal Desai. This comprehensive course encompasses our previously known "Live 60-Day Trading Boot-Camp" into an On Demand access allowing you to signup and start learning the Bulls method of trading today.


Live Market Recaps + Sunday Market Huddles

These sessions are an opportunity to go over what’s happening in the market and discuss how it relates to the material covered in class. 3-days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays) join Kunal after the market close at 4:05PM EST as he review his weeks trades, and market sentiment going into the next day.

Every Sunday, we sit down as a group and go over the market and sector conditions. From there, we begin running our nightly scans to review the market movers and select stocks that can be a potential candidate for the week. This is a perfect time for you to join in, plan your week, get feedback from Kunal, and have a game plan you can review come Friday at the final bell.

= Sunday Watch-List & Q&A Webinar (4)

2. Bulls Vision - Day Trading Chatroom

Bulls Vision™ is our innovative Trade Alert Platform that connects you directly to Kunal Desai and our other top traders. Follow us as we navigate the market, call out trades, share ideas, and give market reactions.

  • Actionable Trade Ideas

    Get actionable day trading ideas from experienced traders. Never miss out on a big mover. 

  • Live Video & Audio

    Listen daily as Kunal Desai calls out trades, comments on the market, and talks about the stocks he's watching.

  • Trader Screenshare

    Watch an experienced trader's every move in real-time, as he shares his trading screen with you. You'll see it all!

  • Community Chatroom

    Join a vibrant community of active traders who freely share ideas, charts, and encouragement throughout the day.

  • Daily Market Recaps

    Improve your trading skills as you learn from Kunal's detailed market analysis.

  • Market Pulse

    Get up to the minute understanding of big movers and upcoming news. See how other traders view the market and what's next on their radar.


All Market Anaylsis, Watch-Lists, and Trading Video Streams Hosted In One Easy to Use Platform



Watch us trade our strategies in real-time, everyday of the week. See his charts, trading boxes, and scans all in one easy to read layout.


3. Nightly Trading Watch-List

Get our nightly watch-list of names everyday of the week. + Get our pre-market analysis and focus list for before the market opens. Learn why and what stocks we have on our radar for each day of the week so you can reverse engineer in developing your own unique trading watch-list


Are You Ready To Battle The Learning Curve Of A Trader?

We all had similar situations starting out, but we have solutions for you.

Your Situation

  • I Don't Know Where To Start

    Want to start day trading stocks, but don't know how?

  • I Cannot Find Consistent Trading Results

    Tired of making money, and then giving it all back?

  • I Cannot Find Any Real Traders To Learn From

    Cannot access any real stock traders who will take a phone call from you?

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Our Solution

  • You Need An Education

    Get a complete trading education with lessons on everything you need to know about day trading. Learn at your own pace. 

  • You Need A Strategy

    Just like a business makes a business plan, we help you create your own trading plan. You will get ongoing support wherever you need it. 

  • You Need Mentors

    Join a community full of real, full-time day traders who can help you on every step of your journey to profitability.


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Trusted By Traders Around The World.