Sector Watch: Housing (One of the Hottest Sectors in the Market Right Now)

If I asked 100 people what the hottest sector in the market right now is, 99 of them would probably say tech or gold. While those are hot areas for sure, an under-the radar area that is full of momentum stocks and hot ETFs is housing.


If you asked the March version of yourself where housing would be in July, you sure would be. That’s because housing was crushed during the initial stages of the pandemic. It was one of the hardest hit beaten down areas, along with airlines, casinos, retail and restaurants. However, while those areas are still taking their lumps, housing has truly become a momentum sector.

Here is what makes this sector attractive:

1. Showing relative strength to the indexes.
2. A lack of supply of for sale houses during quarantine.
3. Most stocks and the sector ETFs are at or already broke out over the pre-March pandemic high.
4. Postive accumulation/money pouring into housing stocks.
5. Cheap loans.

In today’s video, I outline the housing sector and pick some of my favorite housing stocks.