"Red To Green Move" Trade Review JVA

One of my favorite triggers on a stock is the red to green move aka r/g.  We use this many times a week as a way to time our entries in particular stocks.  The essence of the trade is that the stock is weak during the day and it rebounds and goes green so its positive for the day. Typically that can bring a thrust of buyers in lifting the stock.  Now not every stock responds to a r/g move.  Otherwise we would all be millionaires sitting on the computer buying every stock when it goes green.  R/G is not really a setup but a trigger to particular types of setups.  I find they work best on stocks that either have a big washout/flush or on momo stocks that are breaking out and open weak in the morning bringing in a rush of dip buyers it usually gives a good scalp opportunity.  Its a quick trade very rarely do they last more then 30 minutes.  Most of the time 10-15 minutes.

Today we added JVA on a r/g move at 7.85 . We scaled out our last shares in the 8.2s and 8.3s with a hold for about 10 minutes.

2 thoughts on “"Red To Green Move" Trade Review JVA”

  1. I’ve only been trading full time since August 2011, but this has quickly become one of my favorite plays, and I would recommend it to new traders as they become more acclimated with setups.

    The thing I like about it is you can keep a really tight stop loss on them, so if they go red you sell right away. The whole premise of the play is that when it goes green it will bring in an influx of buyers like Kunal said and shoot up. If it doesn’t work out you walk away with a very minimal loss.

    Very limited downside, unlimited upside imo.


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