The Real Wolf of Wall Street Infographic

Last week we published a blog post that gave you a brief overview on Jordan Belfort, the man famously known as the Wolf of Wall Street. Due to the popularity of the recent film by Martin Scorsese starring Leonardo DiCaprio, we felt it might be worth it to provide you with more details about Belfort’s background. In the following infographic, we’re shedding light on the truth behind one of the most famous and well-known real-life characters of Wall Street. We’ll start by outlining a bit about Jordan Belfort in his early years. Next, we’ll detail how he got started in the business of investing. Finally, we’ll explain when and why he got indicted, and what he’s been up to in recent years.

The Real Wolf of Wall Street

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2 thoughts on “The Real Wolf of Wall Street Infographic”

  1. Nice graphic Kunal, I’ve seen the movie and also read the book. The book is a little less crazy. And he seems more genuine and resentful of what happened. From the way the book is written I feel bad for his family as he really cared for them a lot, but he blamed a lot of what was happening on his drug addiction…Kind of sad. Like most people that get caught up with Ponzi schemes and others that try and take advantage of others he seems to have wanted to start out the correct way, but got caught up in the whole crazy drug induced lifestyle of some of the big players on Wall Street. Very interesting case study of what not to do and to try and keep your ethics and integrity while trying to do the correct things while trading/investing.


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