Quarantine Life: Work from Home Stocks That are Crushing the Coronavirus Bear Market

The coronavirus is impacting our lives in many previously inconcievable ways.

We as a society have come to realize new things that may change us forever. For example, we now value teachers, healthcare workers and store workers more than ever. These shifts in our perception of reality will create lasting changes.

I believe one of the big changes happening in how we work.

The quarantine has forced most workers to work from home. By working from home, we are realizing that we don’t actually need to be in an office to do our jobs.

Sure, a police officer needs to patrol the streets. But what about a software engineer working on his computer coding all day. She is now asking herself why she’s been going to the office everyday for the last fifteen years.

The manager who shows up day after day to lead meetings now realizes there is software that allows him to lead from the comfort of his home. It’s called Zoom.

Speaking of Zoom, let’s get to it and discuss some of my favorite “work from home” plays. These are stocks of companies that are poised to lead the new “remote working” revolution born out of the coronavirus quarantine.

  • Zoom (ZM)
    • This is the videoconferencing stock that just about everyone is using as companies shift to working from home during the quarantine. Not only is it used for work, but also for socialization among friends. It’s now facing stiff competition from Microsoft and has security issues, but still had over 200 million users in March.
  • Teledoc Health (TDOC)
    • The “Zoom” of healthcare, Teledoc is allowing patients and doctors to avoid in office visits via virtual “contactless” visits. As with Zoom, the trend for these types healthcare interactions should continue when the quarantine is over.
  • Slack (WORK)
    • What Zoom is to video conferencing and virtual meetings, Slack is to workplace messaging. It is more efficient for groups to communicate than email or text messaging.

So now that you know what they do, let’s talk about the charts and how we can profit from them in the short term.

In today’s video, I show you how to:

  1. Assess relative strength
  2. Analyze the important chart patterns
  3. Enter trades with setup triggers
  4. Develop strong reward to risk ratios.

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