Premarket 1/3/2011

Morning folks!  Looks like market is going to gap up significantly with the SPY up 1.6% premarket. Markets are feeling good after strength overseas.  With todays gap we will be open right near our prior swing highs.  If we can gap up and hold this gap and take out those prior highs that would be a positive development.    Gap up days are tricky as you see the strenght and if your not holding overnight positions you want to start adding stuff so that you can participate in the upside. Its important to let things settle when we have a gap like this and try not to force trades to add long exposure.  If the market is truly strong there will setups all day that form.

We have some ISM construction spending reports at 10am after that the day is clear


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morning gappers! from the good folks at trade-ideas 

Dont see anything to epic yet. ill rescan the open and see if any stock is bring hot heat



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lets start 2012 right! if any of you guys havent hit me up with your yearly goals or want to work on them with me



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