Path To Profitability with Wes Bays Recording


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Hey folks! Here is the recording to Tuesdays webinar with Wes Bays. What a sharp young man who at age 26 is really starting to hit his stride in his trading career.  Listen to his tips on risk management and managing the mental side of trading he has been through it all and his trading rules were pure gold.  I am very proud of Wes along with all my other students. Everyone in our community is working so hard not just on their trading but also improving their own selves each and every day. We preach it in class everyday its not just the setups that you have to work on, its your mind,your body, and your soul. To be a great trader you have to be totally in sync on all levels.


If you want to go through the program that Wes went through and someday hopefully be on one of these webinars email me  . Here is the syllabus to the class our 60 DAY BOOTCAMP.  I truly believe this is the best way to learn. You can’t learn trading in a 10 hour time slot watching some videos.  Learning to trade requires deliberate practice  and a full 360 degree program.  But most importantly beyond just coursework you need to see someone trade live everyday so that you can learn in realtime and thats what we do in our Bootcamp. Once class is over you will have access to our BULLS VISION where you literally can see my desktop during the trading day and watch me trade. You will have access to our chatroom so you can ask questions and learn in realtime.


Just like Wes I have many other successful students who I have done these Path To Profitability webinars with. Check them out all these guys have a very inspiring story that you can glean some great information on but they all have 1 thing in common. They are just regular people that had these common traits.

10 Traits of Successful Students Turned Traders


Here is the youtube playlist of all our past P2P webinars




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