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Evening folks! After years and hundreds of requests for more content and ideas for the part-time trader we have finally put the wheels in motion to deliver that for you guys. For years I kept putting it off as I was always making it a priority to do it myself but with our bootcamps and day trading chatroom where I am on video my time just got too stretched. So then I started to keep my eyes open for any other swing trader out there that had the talent and credentials to take this on.   I couldn’t find that person! As you guys know I am very picky on who we work with. I typically hire my own students to make sure the quality of our product stays great.   When looking for this guy I kept coming back to one name.  And that was my old mentor, the guy that taught me how to trade Paul Singh of the market speculator blog .   For a longtime I would make comments on Paul’s blog posts asking him questions as I was struggling in a huge way as a trader. I just for the life of me could not get consistent and I was so frustrated. 1 week up then 1 week down 1 week up then 1 week down.  I was a train wreck and Paul took me under his wing and taught me his method of swing trading.   From that moment my trading took off and then I got into daytrading, started bullsonwallstreet and you guys know the story from there!


We are going to do a webinar on Monday at 8pm. We will talk about Paul’s style of swing trading and how it works.  We will go over the details of the service & the alerts.  This service was made for the part time trader, that person that has a job that needs to hold stocks from 2 to 10 days.  The great part of Paul’s style is he still trades trends and momentum and can get in stocks that make big gains, its just that he does it for the larger gains those 6-20% type moves that happen over time.


We will be going over some great tips on how to structure your day and your watchlists if you’re a trader that has a job and can’t be at the computer all day.



May  19, 2014- 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT



10 thoughts on “Part Time Trader | Swing Trader Webinar”

  1. I am really grateful for what you are doing here but it would be very nice of you if you can do sometimes a webinar a little bit earlyer for those of your followers who live in Europe or so, because it would be like 3am over here.

    Like I said, it would be really nice of you if you can do this sometimes.

    • hey we do stuff after the market closes sometimes but i have pretty much everyday stuff for my bootcamp students after the market closes and before that im trading! i will try to do it more often its just hard sometimes. thanks fora ll the support!

  2. really looking forward, and is this going to be archived? It would be a great reference if you need to look back on it =D


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