Using Volatility $uvxy to Profit in Bear Market! Nearly $30,000 in just two days!

Yes, you read that right – nearly $30k in just two days! Yesterday, I closed out with $17,000 in profits, primarily trading $NFLX and $UVXY. This is one of my favorite day trading setups. If you are going to day trade its important to have a toolbox of techniques that you can you use in any type of stock market. This market has been weak and using volatility is a great way to take profits on these strategies


Today, I made $11,800 trading $UVXY, and also $DWTI, which is a crude oil, inverse ETF.


There are some valuable lessons to be learned here. I have been watching (and shorting) the market for the last month as its been in free-fall. It’s been approaching a significant support level. It broke through that level, flushed, and then rebounded. This happens often; a highly-watched support level will be broken, creating a bear trap, then bouncing back up through the support level.

But, it’s important to find the best stocks and ETFs for your style of trading. Rather than trading $SPY long, I short $UVXY. The $UVXY ETF, which is a leveraged ETF that tracks volatility, provides a lot more power than $SPY. As a short term momentum trader, that’s what I’m looking for. I recorded a video to explain in more detail.

Today was very similar; I shorted $DWTI, which is an inverse ETF correlated with crude oil – when crude goes up, this goes down hard. As I saw oil bouncing today, I shorted this for significant gains.

Of course, I’ve been making the majority of my money lately on the short side, which is why I held this webinar on profiting in bear markets. The webinar is over, but you can still access the recording HERE.

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