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Morning Coffee & Market Talk With Paul Singh

As many of you now know, our Earnings Swing Trading Course has started. If any of you still wish to signup, you can do so by clicking here.

Today's coffee and stock talk with Paul Singh focuses in on that current analysis of the overall market conditions, sectors, and stocks as we approach earning's season in July.

We will start out analysis by going through the major indexes to analyze the trends forming in the market, along with the market breadth in the following instruments (T2108, T2100, T2129, Gold & VIX, as well as overall stocks).

Next we will dive into key sectors moving and forming setups in the last 5 and 30 days.

Finally, we will talk about the following stocks in play for our watch-list:


The Middle: DIS, FSLR, ROKU

Beaten Down Names: UAL, CAKE, MGM, WYNN

Enjoy today's coffee and market talk with Paul Singh!