Is the Market Meltdown Already Over (Weekly Swing Report)?

New and even experienced traders came into this trading week feeling either confused, scared, frustrated or thrilled after last week’s market meltdown.

Daily swing report members and I were feeling good after sticking to our tried and true “market meltdown” process.

Sure, I  took two losses.

One of those losses violated my 2% rule (just barely).

Yet we also had two big wins.

Those wins more than DOUBLED the two losses.

In other words, while most traders were getting hit taking big losses, wiping out weeks or months worth of gains, we had a specific process that made it a winning week.

How did we do it?

We put on your “go to” VIX trade, took quick profits in TSLA before it reversed, held on to FSLR and FB as our stops held, and quickly cut our losses in NFLX and LABU.

Later this week I’ll put out an article detailing the plan so you are ready for the next dip.

Today, let’s look to the present and near future and work on a trading plan for the coming days.

Here’s exactly what I go over in today’s video:

  1. Key index levels that signal uptrend.
  2. Signals that the market is continuing down.
  3. The three positions I entered today and why I was aggressive with these entries.
  4. How VIX will guide us this week.
  5. How to trade UVXY and SVXY
  6. The best stocks to trade in this environment
  7. Key sectors to watch

Wow, that’s a lot to keep you trading this week. Study what we talk about in today’s video and make sure to execute your game plan.  (Report members get these for every trading day, along with alerts).

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