Is The Semi-Conductor Sector Ready To Breakout (For A Monster Swing Trade)?

I hardly ever trade sectors that are showing relative weakness to the stock market. That’s because sectors beating the market tend to continue to lead the market. As swing traders looking to catch momentum, we want to trade the hottest sectors.

The once leading semi-conductor sector has been stinking it up over the past few months. Not only has it been range-bound while the rest of the market is nearing highs, it is getting crushed by the tech industries like software. Simply put, this sector has been showing relative weakness.

I still want to trade it.

Are you scratching your head yet?

I know I just said I focus on relative strength sectors, but there are some subtle hints that this sector could be ready to breakout.

In today’s video, I go over the semi-conductor sector and actionable 5 stocks and ETFs that we could potentially trade with detailed strategy tips.

Watch, learn and let me know what you think!

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