Intraday Trading- 12/12

Hey guys! We had a really sick day today in the room. Stocks were flying everywhere. I wanted to point out some of the intraday patterns that we traded today so you guys could understand a little bit more about why we took a few of the trades. Take a look at the charts below and email me if you don’t understand something! Click on the charts to make them bigger.

CYTR- momo stock that we nailed twice in the room today. Take a look at the chart and see why we entered it



LULU- gap down stock on earnings. A earnings breakdown setup that we play often. Learn this setup!



GNVC- killer trade for us today shorting the news on this stock. the morning flag didn’t hold for long so we shorted the weakness. check out both our entry points here



TSLA- picture perfect intraday flag and eod runner



TRLA- another perfet intraday flag and eod runner



IEP- rubberband snapback play. Perfect intraday flag providing us with entry point


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