How to Use Options To Navigate the 2019 Markets

2018 was a great year! BOWS offered it’s first “Beta” Class on Options and I was incredibly honored to have had the privilege of teaching it! TRULY WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!!!!

2018, offered countless trading opportunities. We went from a perpetual Bull Market to the Bears starting to take control. We began the year utilizing a lot of Credit Spreads and gradually migrated over to more neutral strategies like: Straddles/Strangles and Iron Condors, complex strategies designed to help us take advantage of the high levels of Implied Volatility that we have been seeing. Utilizing these strategies, we DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PICK A DIRECTION FOR THE UNDERLYING! -Doesn’t matter if it moves up or down to a degree! – We can still profit!

The increases we’ve seen in Volatility only help to improve our options trading! There’s no better time to learn options trading. So “stay tuned” for our next planned Options Class.

Here is an example of some “past and present” trades, where we’ve been able to “follow” an underlying and continue to place repetitive trades to produce wealth building income! Average returns are running 10-15% in ~ 30 days. And we have been able to continue to produce these results over and over again!

$HD Example

Here’s an example of an Iron Condor that was just placed on Home Depot, for a credit of $172 per contact. We sold 4 contracts and anticipate a full profit of $688. Note these are “WEEKLY CANDLES”. This contract will expire on Jan. 18, 2019, we just placed this trade last week. You can see with this high market volatility that we’ve been seeing we have a “MONSTER BREAK EVEN RANGE WINDOW OF” $148-$192!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some “following trades” where we are following an underlying and continuing to make profitable trades over and over again. The boxes represent different trades, over and over again. You can see we got aggressive with an IRON BUTTERLY for a monster $617 per credit per contract!  Again, the high level of volatility have given us some great opportunities!

$XBI Example

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