How To Take Profits In A Breakout Stock At All-Time Highs

In today’s video we analyze how to solve the problem in this situation using a five stop process. Step 1: Analyze the past history of the stock when it’s at all-time highs. Step 2: Analyze the character of the move to highs. Step 3: Ask yourself how the market and sectors impact the stock. Step 4: Know why the stock is moving to highs. Is the catalyst earnings, a major fundamental event, or rumor based? Step 5: Focus the most on how the above 4 steps impact your reward-to-risk ratio (RR). So watch, learn, and let me know what you think! Remember members of the swing service get all of these trade alerts intraday in real time. This swing trading service is great for those that work and can’t monitor the computer all day. We have in-depth nightly reports on the game plan for the day/week and all stock picks that I trade will be alerted and emailed to you. Check out the Swing Service HERE Follow me, Paul Singh AKA “TheMarketSpeculator” on Twitter or email me at]]>

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