hot stocks to watch for 2/23

DNN- watch that 2.04 break, should set it off, nice volume past few days

COCO- stock is flagging after earnings beat. watch it for break of flag

GURE- break of 200dma might set it off.. 3.2

HOLI- 10.29 is breakout, might get in early if market is good

LNET- breakout at 4

KEM- flat base breakout at 10.15

CISG- watch the break of 9 dollars, should be powerful

FIRE-  watch red to green on this play.. nice earnings gap with a nice close

FORD- red to green watch for a quick trade

FCEL- parabolic short watch, looking for a gap out of bollinger band then green to red

SSN- parabolic short watch, overbought and out of upper bb


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