hot stocks for 2/8

TRGL- breakout at 4.8, might be ready for a bounce

MOBI- big breakout at 4.25.. we are already in this one, but thats the add spot if it breaks there tomorrow

ZNGA- stock is flagging.. i think this one has more in it.. and maybe tomorrow. stock closed on highs, i will be looking to add a berak of 13.4 tomorrow

TSTC- breakout/ gap fill at 3.77

CONN- breakout at 12.97

KGN- stock is flagging, break of 5 pops it.. nice volume exapnsion

CDNS- brokeout hard on earnings.. possibly has more in it. Earnings flags can be powerful.. on watch for 11.84 break

BRCD- breakout at 6.05

ALVR- breakout at 1.25

GLUU- earnings breakout flag.. with 200dma support. im looking for a break of 4 to add

HOTT- another stock thats flagging.. could have more in it

MNI- stock brokeout today on earnings.. watching for red to green tomorrow. Has more in it.

COCO- overbought and almost out of upper bb.. watching for a short if itĀ gaps out of the band and then goes red

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