hot stocks for 2/24

VTG- stock is flagging, watch for a break of 1.44

S- stock looks ready to breakout, watch that 2.56 level

IPSU- break of 6.17  I will trade this one again, another big level for the stock

ROYL- stock is flagging, watching for another move in this one soon.. 5.49 should do it

SNTS- breakout at 5.1

SMBL- watching r/g on this stock first thing in the morning

RUTH- breakout at 6.5

NSPH- breakout at 2.13

LNG- stock looks ready to bounce a tthese levels.. looking for a reversal. break of 14 might do it

ES- stock is flagging, watch 4.66 break

DVR- break of 200dma should pop this one, looks ready

BEE- breakout at 6.62

CGEN- coiled for a breakout, on watch

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