$HALO Trade Review – Trading Intraday Momentum Stocks

I wanted to review my trade in $HALO today. Anytime you find a strong stock based on earnings or news it makes for a great intraday trader. The way that I like to play these is obviously to look for an intraday setup to buy, whether that’s a flag or a flattop/consolidation breakout. $HALO was hot out of the gate this morning on earnings. It was beaten down on the daily chart so the good earnings report gave it just the fuel it needed for a big squeeze.

Usually the first pullback on the morning movers is a good spot to watch for an entry, so if I can get in there that’s where I look to hit it. $HALO ran straight to $5.9 this morning before ever pulling back. I waited until I saw a reversal in the pullback before I bought. The stock pulled back to $5.6 before bouncing. Once the bounce was confirmed, we added shares at $5.69 for a quick trade. Since I entered the stock on pullback, I scaled out as it popped, selling at $5.79 and $5.85. Minutes later, the stock broke the intraday highs of $5.93, which gave us another scalp opportunity. We bought and sold it at $6.02.  The trade is pretty simple but makes for an easy $360 play.

Here is a look at the intraday chart and where we entered $HALO on the pullback

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