Goto Stocks 4th edition

Many of you guys have asked me about stock trading software and my routine at night when I’m doing my scans.  I run all sorts of scans depending on the market but most of my ideas just come from keeping a list of stocks that I can go through every night.  I then flag them with levels that i might be interested in them.  I keep about 200 that i flip through every night.  I haven’t updated it for a while so if you see any stocks we trade often in chatroom that i havent put on it let me know or leave it in the comment box! we can update and refine it with your input.  I took out some of the terd bio’s that we used to trade but have been dead for many months.  A lot of these new ipo’s we have been trading have been added in like INVN, INXN, ETC. Ipo’s have been strong all year and its important to stick with themes and flip through stocks that are in play.  Lot of the new social media stocks have been added too.  I suspect next batch I’ll take out the uraniums as they havent done much now in 6 months.



here is a link to finviz with the tickers inserted. you can check it everyday should take 10 minutes to flip through


Here is a text file with all the tickers if you want to copy and past it into your trading program




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