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Many of you guys have asked me about my routine at night when im doing my scans.  I run all sorts of scans depending on the market but most of my ideas just come from keeping a list of stocks that I can go through everynight.  I then flag them with levels that i might be interested in them.  I keep about 200 that i flip through everynight.  I havent updated it for a while so if you see any stocks we trade often in chatroom that i havent put on it let me know or leave it in the comment box! we can update and refine it with your input.


I removed a lot of these type of stocks that we just dont trade anymore.  Last year uranium stocks were so hot so i would always watch 5 of them. No longer are they in vogue and there is no advantage to flipping through them each night.  Same thing with chinese solars like $jaso $hsol $stp these are all under 1 dollar now and most likely will just pop randomly on news.  There isnt a huge advantage to keeping them on scans


Now biotechs we have been trading a lot so we added a ton of biotechs like SRPT, PPHM, STEM, ECYT, alxa etc as those are things that we are playing each day!


i removed about 30 stocks 

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I then added a bunch of bio’s and earnings plays/momo stocks that I think will be in play for some time up or down like $kors $nte $zlc 


here is a link to finviz with the tickers inserted. you can check it everyday should take 10 minutes to flip through.



GOTO  here is a list of the tickers if you want to copy and paste it into your charting program like tc2000



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