Don't Fight the Bears- Free Webinar!

It’s no secret the market as a whole has been taking a beating so far this year, and is down considerably from last year’s highs.

The question is, why are you still trading like we are on a huge bull run? The market is constantly in flux; stocks and sectors rotate in and out of favor. Take a look at oil, energy, or agriculture for obvious examples. Even if crashes, the market will eventually reach a state of equilibrium and come back again, just like these sectors and many stocks. But as a trader, can you sit on your hands for weeks, months or even years, nibbling at tiny positions anytime you think the market shows some bullish tendencies?

If you’ve decided to wait it out, or to keep trading like it’s 2014, that’s your decision. But I can’t and I won’t, especially when I know that I can make as much money in a bearish market as a bullish one. I’m willing to teach you what I know, but it will take more than one blog post to do it, which is why I’m holding a free webinar this Thursday, the 14th, to show you the tools and tactics I’m using to make bank while the market tanks. I’ll teach you:

How to identify bull traps. A lot of traders get fooled, thinking that a beaten down stock has turned a corner. Then the trap snaps shut, costing them capital and missed opportunities. Once you know how to do it, identifying these is relatively easy. You’ll not only be able to avoid losses by going long, but have the info you need to decide if there’s actually a short trade setup instead.

Techniques for safe swing trading in a bearish market. Just because you can’t sit at your computer all day every day doesn’t mean you can’t trade. While there are additional considerations for swinging when everything is red, there are ways to do it safely and profitably. (HINT: There are ways to do this without short selling at all!)

Short like I do. If you haven’t already guessed, I’ve adapted to the market as it is now and have several setups that are paying me every day. I’ll show you how I scan for these setups, what traits I look for, and how I manage the trade once I’m in.

Last, but certainly not least, I am running a raffle for a free Bootcamp. All you need to do to enter the contest is enter your phone number on the webinar signup page! 

Date: 1/14
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Registration Link:

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