Dear Trader This Is For You – My Story

Learning to trade stocks was the greatest decision I ever made in my whole life. Finding trading success was not an overnight process. It took me years of toil and bone headed mistakes to learn how to do this for a living. Here is a video where I go into detail about my trading journey, and what I had to do to become consistently profitable:

The Beginning

I started trading stocks during the Dot-Com boom. It was the late 1990’s and literally every stock that had anything to do with the internet was going up. I was in college at the time and I was buying everything with everything that I had (which was just $500 to start).

I was on top of the world. I was growing my account every day. My plan was to quit college and trade stocks, and become a millionare in the next a few months.

The Bubble

Then came March 2000. The bubble burst. Everything crashed hard and fast. I lost everything. I didn’t know anything about trading. I knew nothing about short-selling, and was completely unaware that I could’ve profited huge on all the tech stocks crashing at the time.

I kept trying. During college I kept trading, but I was at a standstill. I would go on huge runs where I would go six months or so of consistent gains and then I would lose it all in one month. Still couldn’t figure out how to make money consistently from the stock market.

After I graduated college I got a job. I was still trading on the side, and still failing miserably. The pattern was the same, and the same mistakes getting me over and over again. No risk management. No trade plan. No trading system. No discipline. I had no idea when to buy and sell.

Finding A Mentor

Then I met Paul Singh. I stumbled across his blog in the mid-2000’s. At this time there wasn’t really any trading education services. So I started to bombard him with questions via email, asking him every little detail about his trading system and how he was making money.

Eventually he got sick of me and I begged him to let me pay him to mentor me. Luckily he agreed, and he examined my trading system.

He told me,”Kunal you have a great knack for picking stocks. You understand the fundamentals, but you don’t know anything about actually trading to profit off of your ideas.” You could have the best stock in the world, but if you don’t buy it at the right time, sell it at the right time, manage your risk, and size your position correctly you won’t make any money.

Just after a few weeks of mentoring with him I started to see big changes in my trading trajectory. After a few months of working with Paul, I started seeing more consistent profits, and I would actually keep my profits this time.

This made me realize that mentors are critical to finding success in any venture. There is no reason to make all the mistakes yourself when you can learn from others. Mentors can save you years of pain, suffering, and money. The lesson from my story is to find mentors as soon as possible when you begin something new.

That being said, even with mentors you still have to put in the work yourself. Trading is the one of the hardest endeavors you will ever try. But there is no profession that gives you the same type of freedom, independence, and scalability of income. All the pain and suffering is worth it. This what has given me a real passion to teach and help my students achieve trading success.

I look forward to teaching you.

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