Day Trading Watchlist 9/8/2016

Flat day in the stock market today. That seems to be the norm the range has been very tight for weeks now. But we are starting to peak out of some ranges in many stocks. $amzn $nflx $fb all looked good for some day trading today breaking out to highs.  We want to see money flow back into those high beta stocks.  Overall the indices didnt move much but  there was good action in many names and VOLUME!! This bodes well for day trading  the rest of the week.  Also many names are setting up for swing trades. With market gearing for a breakout adding a couple swings can be very powerful to your results.  Paul has been killing it with the swing trades this year! Last week he had some huge alerts in $jnug and $acia taking profits today. We got great deals on bundle packages to his swing service. Click here for more info! 


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We are getting ready for our next round of bootcamps. This current class has been amazing to work with.  We teach both day trading and swing trading in our bootcamp class. email me if you have any questions for our September Bootcamp . I love talking stocks so feel free to reach out to me anytime! In this bootcamp Paul teaches 3 swing classes and Maribeth teaches here Pr/Breakout strategy. We also have numerous guest webinars from former students who are trading and making profits. This is one of the best ways to learn.  To learn trading you need a total immersion into this world. Not only do you need live classes and mentorship but a 360 degree program where you can interact with your teachers but also your peers! One of the quickest ways to learn is to find some like minded students that you can work with and chat with daily. This will help your progression in trading tremendously and really speed up the process.

Here is todays Watchlist video