Current Positions 7/19/2011

im a bit light in my daytrading account as the market has been nasty. But I have used this dip to add stocks into my swingportfolio. If your a partime trader and you are just having crazy trouble following all the daytrades in the chat. The longterm swing port will produce nearly as good of returns after you count commisions with much less headache. Ill hold plays like this for 1 week or more sometimes and really let them explode. With the market a bit all over the place i havent chosen to hold as many shorterm plays overnight as we have been getting odd gaps and things and you just never know where the market is gonna end up. In the swing port since the time frame is elongated the whipsaws in the market dont man as much.

Good luck today. market is gapping up a bit. Ton of great setups abound in the market. Today should be epic!

p.s. OWW is a very sill stock and im very sorry about such a stupid trade. rookie mistake and i bough obviously way to high which inreased my risk beyond my parameters.



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