Current Positions 11/1/2011

Looks like the big man may have taken a few too many positions home. Greed is a biaaatch. Thats going to happen 1 in a while big thing is always to swing if you get a profit cushion on a stock. I probably shouldnt have held SQNS as it was dipping end of day yesterday. I hate starting the day in the red psychologically its a pain as you force trades trying to make it back. What ill do is honor my stops and refresh after the first 1/2 hour trading. Usually when a stock gaps below my stop at the open 99% of traders will just honor their stop…. i tend to wait abuot 15 minutes for the market to settle and then sell as i get a better price the first 5 minutes the action is always forced. Now this can bite you in the butt though if its a big sell day as you could keep going down and then next thing you know your down 20% on a position.



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