Bulls on Wall Street Review by Dalton

Bulls on Wall Street Review by Dalton

I didn’t have time to keep up with the news on all the stocks I was trading. With Bulls, I didn’t have to.
In 2009 I knew nothing. I jumped into the stock trading world on my phone and quickly dropped to $29k in the negative. I’m a full time commercial diver and I just didn’t have the time to check the news and be updated on all the information needed to trade the stocks like I wanted. With Bulls on Wall Street I didn’t have to worry. Their site does that for me. With Bulls’ system I was able to get out of the negative and not only reach positive $29k, but earn an additional $30k on top of that right now. I am a part-time trader working a full-time job and the thing that has benefitted me the most is the alerts that are sent to your phone. These texts tell you when to get in, what their target is, when you should withdraw and possibly take a loss. This has been invaluable to me.
Written by: Dalton
Bulls on Wall Street Bootcamp Stock Trading Course
Date Written: 07/05/2011
5 / 5 stars



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