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Trading cannot be learned through DVD’s and online videos. Just like being a doctor or a lawyer, becoming a trader takes a thorough education, resources and tools, and an ongoing community. You need someone to teach you so you can interact and ask questions as they come to mind. As you begin your journey, you are going to have numerous questions about the process, journey, and specific issues you are having developing your own trading plan.

For this reason, you need an actual person to interact with and respond to your questions, and to help you create a trading plan that is best suited for you and the lifestyle that YOU want. This is why we are launching our free 4-Day live training course to give you guys an overview of the basics of stock trading, and to show you the support and community we give traders at Bulls on Wall Street.  

Here are links to all of the articles in the series:

  1. Day Trading Vs Swing Trading Vs Investing
  2. Guide To Technical Analysis
  3. Stock Charting Basics
  4. Understanding Market Cycles
  5. Breaking Down A Day Trader’s Trading Day
  6. How To Identify Stock Trends
  7. Introduction To Risk Management
  8. Trading Psychology: The Difference Between Winning And Losing Traders
  9. How To Trade Breakouts
  10. How To Time Your Entries and Exits
  11. How To Align On Multiple Time Frames
  12. Transition From 9-5 To Full-Time Trading
  13. The BOWS Method For Trading Stocks

These topics with a more in depth analysis are covered in our 4 day on demand course.

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