$BRLI: Trading first pullback.

BRLI  30 was in my watch list forever and last night I placed it on our watch list as I felt it was coiled enough and ready to make a move. This morning it opens over 30 at 30,09 and made a huge spike to 30.10. It was very hard to catch if you were not swing long already. So I wait for one of the Bulls On Wall street’s  first pullback buy strategy. Bull’s boot camp members should be familiar with this strategy. If you just started the course, you will learn about it soon.

Stock pulls back right away from 31.10 spike. My strategy was after the pull back as long our initial alert 30 holds , it will still be in buy zone with stop below 30.

See the intraday chart to see how the trade played out.









  1. First pullback after crazy morning spike and our 30 alert and 9 EMA holds.
  2. I initiated an early long at 30.35 with stop below that last low 30 .20.
  3. Stock consolidates and makes higher low as 9 EMA tightens up.
  4. Added  more and heavy  shares at 30.45 on range break, because stock is showing its face now and  I have defined stop area.
  5. Sold all my shares at 31. About .70c gain with .15c risk.

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