Boom Boom Stocks thursday july 21st

Morning folks…market looking light a slight gap up this a.m. SPY ticking up at .56%. GLD down slightly .26% with SLV (Silver) down about 1% so far. Decent day overall in the market yesterday. Ideally I woul d have liked to see some follow through on the big run from 2 days ago. Right off the bat the gap up in the morning hit right into resistance and got faded then the market just goofed around all day chopping around flat. Even though we didnt get follow through i still viewed the action as slightly bullish and more of a digestion of the previous days big run. Stocks were still firing off into breakouts one after another. We had one of our best days ever in the chatroom yesterday with multiple daytrades that went 10% plus in $qpsa $vog $newn AND others. today we will be attempting to take out some resistance again. I will be watching closely to see if holds and what the action is in that zone. We still have some strong support right underneath at the 50dma which is where Ill be watching to reduce exposure in case we break.

stocks im watching

I bought trgl i like this look. oil and gas sector firing. after VOG yesterday it seems a lot of these little guys might get picked up.

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