Boom Boom Stocks 9/12/2011

video wachlist for tomorrow. Many of these stocks will be in play all week.  Kick butt week in the chatroom last week as we are really starting to feel this new rhythm of the market.  Most of the stocks in the market are showing the same pattern pretty much so i havent kept any shorts on this list as 95% of stocks will look the same you can just throw a dart if the market breaksdown.  No poitn of charting them all.  Or you can just grab an etf thats what we usually do in our chatroom we tend to use tza or faz.  They have enough volatility in them where it tends to give you bigger returns then an individual stock breaking down.

still not a good spot to really swing anything…its a daytraders market for the most part.  At this point i try not to hold more then 1-2 positions overnight.

subs dont forget to watch the video on my review of the indexes and the gameplan for the week

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