Boom Boom stocks 8/17/2011

Morning folks. market looking like a slight gap up to flat open today.  We had a choppy day in the markets yesterday as the markets gapped lower about 1% at the open but we saw some underlying strength and we rebounded only to get taken down when news hit on the markel/french guy meeting.  After the initial takedown we rebounded sharply only to fail again.  Overall a hard day to trade with no easy trend unless you are the nimblest of trader and can move in and out easy within minutes.  Overall though after the first attempt to rollover we held our ground and made an attempt at a bounce I can only view the action as slightly bullish. We are gapping up a bit right now we can take out yesterdays high of 1205 on the s&p that should put us back on our way towards 1250 level where it looks like this bounce could start to fade.  In terms of individual stocks there we was amazing action in a lot of stocks the past few days and yesterday was no different with big early morning runs we played in chatroom in vhc, leap, motr, dndn, soda.  both my compadres @szaman and @mb_willoughby have been on fire with alerts on that ramped up for 10% plus trades on these stocks.  Im still seeing a lot of bullish setups for today.


most of the stocks on yesterdays watchlist are still in play so i’d keep those handy. also like gtiv sprd fio pnsn bwen depo


I will be leaving at 3pm today to pick up @idrinkchai at the airport! we got a couple of members in the chatroom who are flying in to visit me for the week and trade and go hangout.  they will be with me till sunday….if any of you other guys want to come in let me know! i got room for everyone!

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  1. Hello, Kunal. How do you find stocks for your watchlist? What is the criteria for you? Why would you chose the particular stock over the other one?
    Regards, Sid.

  2. sid! sorry just saw this. i was planning on doing a webinar for the gang anyways people been aksing me stuff in the chatroom. i could do one on that. but my scans depend and vary depending on market conditons. if mkt making new highs i migh be looking for flattop breakouts…if mkt just got tanked but had run then i was looking for stocks showing bottomign formations etc


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