Boom Boom Stocks 7/7/2011

Great day today folks.  Lets keep it going very rare do you get to have number 8-20% trades in a month let alone in a day and yet MCOX BORN DANG ALAN HNSN gave us that today.  These are the times where you really milk your trades and build up that account for when things arent so easy.   Nice calls today by szaman brysen ramimichael mbwilloughby they were all over TNAV, HNSN and some other great trades.  Always good to have a chatroom with so many great traders in there throwing out ideas.  Overall the market looks healthy so far keep an eye on spx 1341 seems to be the tough spot last few days.  We are really overbought and some sideways action would go a long way. things seemed a bit frothy today (not thats a bad thing). Oddly the other day i found like 50 setups and today I found very few that i liked even the ones on the video i didnt think any of them were A++++++.  So i will have to watch for daytrades tomorrow and pr/news breakouts.  Pr/news breakouts are the most powerful setup in the market so always look for them and play them right (dont buy them premarket! let them setup)





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