Boom Boom Stocks 7/19/2011

Morning folks. Market looks to gap up slightly.  We had some decent housing starts numbers that could provide some support to the market.  Goldman had some not so good numbers and the market seemed to shrug it off pretty easily.  Market tested some key levels yesteday.  im using spx 1297 as my support number in this market for now with potential overhead resitance in the 1320 zone.  For this market to start making a comeback  the news cycle must start edging back towards the bullish side. Today is certainly a start.  The market hates when we have to look to washington for direction on where to go but thats where we are.  We move on debt ceiling, euro bailouts news for now.  Overall even with the market dipping there are still dozens of great setups out there. Usually after a 5 day dip like this i see 3-4 stocks i like today i found 30-40.  Even in our chatroom the last 2 weeks have been lights out with at least 1-2 10% daytrades a day for the past 2 weeks. Lot of good action out there for quick traders.  earnings season is here so i’d check these tickers and make sure none of them have anything coming up as i have not!  and check the earnings calenders for stocks beating earnings with some big gap ups! they tend to be in play all day for trades


stocks im watching



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