Boom Boom Stocks


Nice weeks for the markets as All market indices have entered the breakout zone.  We are starting to see broad participation in the markets as almost everything is running! Im thinking we have some consolidation this week as we are getting a tad extended from the original breakout in the s&p.  We had a decent week in the chat but it could have been a lot better as there were huge breakouts everywhere but its just so hard to play all of them!  I was definately feeling a bit of information overload with so many alerts firing off on my platform.


Got only  a few more weeks on my vacation in florida with my crew! These are the guys behind the scenes.  The guy on the right is Tim “the sales guy” and the center guy is thebuttdogg !  These are my boys from gradeschool who work with me on bulls.   Sadly not everyone made it to our extended vacay but next one four our winter sabbatical  mb_willoughby , JBtrader, Ajit aka Stealthtactix, and bengali tiger will have to come! Mandatory!


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