Boom Boom Stocks 4/9/2012

Amazing 4 day week last week! The market was pretty much flat but daytraders and spec money ruled.  Low floaters were all the vogue.  Anything with the word CHINA or CLEAN were up 100% or more  at times.  Traders were  really pushing these type of stocks around.  If you look at the top gainers for last week its littered with big momo in smallcap names.    We had a huge week in the chatroom with a few trades that popped 50% or more on this low float momo.  We took $creg for nearly 100% gain on our last shares on thursday, had a 50% daytrade on $heat the day before and then had numerous trades where we made 5-10% shorting $heat back on the downside.   I actually made more money shorting stocks then going long last week as there have been so many rubberband setups popping up with all this low float china momo.   Next week is going to be key if the market starts cracking below big support levels the spec money will run straight for the doors. So far we havent seen any evidence of it but things can change fast


Here is todays video:



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