Boom Boom Stocks 4/5/2012


Evening folks! Market was dipping today down about 1% bringing the s&p down to some good support levels.  We started the morning with a gap down following overseas weakness and more follow through from the selloff yesterday on the FOMC minutes.   We had an epic day in the chatroom with some monster wins.  We nailed the buy in $heat right at the open in the 5.2s and added on its way up at 6.00 and 6.55! WE sold our last shares at 7.64 and then started to short the stock at in the 8.9s covering in the 8.1s.  I did take a 30 cent loss on my 2nd short in $heat but reshorted it before the close in the 7.9s for a morning washout.  We also covered our short in $vrng in the 2.7-2.9 range from 3.37 short.  This market is giving us tradeable days nearly everyday of the week whether the market is up or down.  Even the pullbacks are pretty light and orderly which tells me that we are in a bull market for now.  If any of you guys are having issues with your trading get with me sometimes it just takes a 2nd set of eyes to fix the glitches in your trading.


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Here is todays video:


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