Boom Boom Stocks 3/8/2012 | Bulls on Wall Street

Boom Boom Stocks 3/8/2012

evening folks. Nice day in the market with all the indices up nearly  1%.  Whether this is a relief bounce or the start of a new leg is still unknown we will know more tomorrow if there is follow through.  It was hot day for stocks though with breakouts all over the place.  We had some hot calls in the chatroom today started by  the bengali tiger hitting INVN right at the open in the low 15s which closed at 16.60 which we held a few for swing.  Then we caught another pr breakout in SPEX at 1.16 scaling out in the 1.4s and 1.2s (sadly i got greedy and went back in spex and lost 8 cents! I do that at least a day after a big ripper!) .  You couple that with BONT AND THLD and we had a pretty good day.



Team: Dont forget to watch my video on our trade in ROYL . this is the secret to getting the big big gains in momo stocks.  When you see a stock thats ready to explode you start pyramiding higher and higher adding shares on 3 different types of intraday setups to trigger the monster play.

Here is todays video:


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