Boom Boom Stocks 3/16/2012

Evening folks! Another nice day in the markets.  We had another nice day in chat with our ovenright hold in $scei doing extremely well. We started add this at 2.3 yesterday and added again at 2.48 into the close yesterday for a gapper play. Also we closed out some nice trades in TWER AND ONP FOR 20-30 CENTS.  We are starting to get real overbought shorterm. I wouldnt be surprised to see a few choppy days to work it off as it seems chop is the best way to work off overbought condition in this market as we just dont get any pullbacks of significance.

Lot of you guys been asking about our BULLS PRO membership.  If you have less then 25k and cant daytrade this is the best way to go as you can daytrade with our prop firm with even 5k and it gets you  FREE MEMBERSHIP to our chatroom and site! email me if you got any questions




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