Boom Boom Stocks 2/9/2012

Evening folks! hope everyone had a fantastic day.  We are approaching quite a frenzy in the markets.  This is normal though in some ways..often when you see the Vix get so low these low floater base breakouts just start firing.  The market had based for 5-6 months and many of the stocks did the same so the breakouts we are seeing are powerful as so many stocks dropped 30-50% then based for many months and are now creeping out of those bases.  Following those base breakouts ..ur not seeing stocks pullback your seeing them go sideways as the market is in grindmode and not pulling back so individual stocks instead of pulling back tend to just flag then rebreak again.  

We had just an epic day in the chatroom… our first couple daytrades were dogs ( I raped myself on SANW for a 40 cent loss to start the day from 6.10 selling at 5.70)  I was thinking at first to relax a bit as the bengali tiger was giving me his ominimous dm’s to raise cash.  He is the guy that keeps our chatroom functioning (and is much more educated in t.a. then I) ..often im so uber aggressive i tend to ignore a lot of things and he is the guy that keeps me level and keeps us from big losses but then bam..the market started showing bid and so i got as agressive as I could be to try to milk some plays.

Right off the bat at the open we added a full position to $ffn at 1.52 (after holding 1/2 from yesterday at 1.28).  I sold small portion 1/4 or so at 1.62….  then at intraday breakout at 1.64 added a full position. Then preceded the last 1/2 hour to add another lot at 1.85 at the next intraday breakout for the big run into the close…  finally selling off almost all my shares except 1/4 at 1.95!!!!!!!!!!! holding a few for a gap tomorrow.

This stock has been our money maker… we ripped $ffn for a 50% gain last week 2 when a couple fridays ago big willy loaded us in at .75 and we doubled up at .98 the next monday for the dollar roll selling our shares all the way  up to 1.2.   Thats how momo works..  once a stock has tanked so much it goes into a slumber and during that slumber/base the buyers/sellers finally come to an equillibrium and you tend to get a low volume low volatility base and then bam! when that base is taken out you a potential stock that you can play over and over for a month or 2 as now its gone from an accumulation phase to a runup phase.  LEARN THOSE STAGES.. accumulation, runup, distribution, rundown.  

Then we started to add $motr at 1.50 then doubled up at 1.56…  the stock then farted around for hours at 1.60 was the wall.  When we finally broke it was gametime…. I sold most in the 1.77s and kept 1/4 for lotto/gap up.

Also had some killers trades in $mobi and $hsol which we added at 1.90 and sold off our last batch at 2.20.   Overall just an epic day…..   it wasnt really the number of wins as we often when we get hot will hit 3-4-5-6 10% plus daytrades in  a day…but it was seeing the momo and then continuously adding to our position on the breaks that really helped us get sized into these huge runners.  When you see volume + big chart breaks doubling down on strenght can be a huge money maker if your risk is padded.



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