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Evening folks!  Flat day in the markets as we opened up red but the weakness was quickly bought. The market made a bit of a run then hit supply at the 50 day moving average in the s&p.  We have come a long way off our recent lows below the 200 day moving average a little bit of rest or sideways movement is typical. With the fed coming I dont expect any big moves but there surely will be a couple headfakes.  It sure seems like the market is pricing in some more easing into the system whether its an extension of operation “twist”, a new round of mbs buying or they have been some rumors of an operation “flow”. Pretty much everything will run on this…the greek elections had little impact on trading….traders are looking for one thing and that is for ben to make them happy. Bernanke better bring the rain!

Ben Bernanke Hustler
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Here is Big willy’s watchlist for tomorrow 


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