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Evening folks! overall flat day in the markets. We had an opportunity to dip as the market faded in the morning right to support and then bounced. The markets in an odd phase right now..even bad news is not thrusting us lower but the intraday action for the most part is not very bullish.  We are in a bit of a distribution zone where the breakouts fail and the breakdowns fail. This requires an adjustment to tactics and more anticipation on trades but there is still money to be made.  We had a red hot day in the chatroom with some big alerts in ZNGA (8.27 TO 9.06), OPWV (2.92 TO 3.1), XIN (3.44 TO 3.64), CNW (36.12 TO 37.32), PLX (7.6 TO 7.0 still holding some), dang ( 8.44 to 8.63 ) vrng, clnt etc.  Took some small losses  in ktcc for 10 cents but that was the only loser of the day so overall things are still popping in the market.  its a traders market even good traders market right now goto trade quick and aggressive.


If you want to see how we trade and my particular style: here is a video i made on our trade in SGOC last week where we sold our last shares for 50% gain on the daytrade! 

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Here is todays video


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