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Evening folks! Hope everyone had a great day!  Say happy birthday to maribeth if you get a chance!  She is a very special person having come to me straight out of college.  When I first had met her she had such an innocence to her.  When the new iPhones came out in 2010 she asked me how she could get one! I told her you can just upgrade it and she was like “OMG REALLYYYYY I will have to ask my mom to do that!”  But underneath that awe shucks innocence was the most driven person that I will ever meet.  Many of you know her story she was my first student detailed in Path to Profitability with Big Willy.  She worked night shift at a hospital then came home to start trading…then slept a few hours then would work with me on charting/learning then go straight back to work! Her drive was incredible.  Her journey has been incredible to see as she is now a full blown entrepreneur with a killer instinct.  She runs the day to day of our business along with my friend tim and has a dozen employees under her belt.  She is also my partner in CliqueFund  and a few other business ventures.  It is very rare to see female entrepreneurs at such a young age but on top of that she is a top notch day trader and educator.  She literally has 3 full-time jobs and does them all at peak excellence.





Im still in Costa Rica having a great time! The Path To Profitability Webinar with Cameron was fantastic! Here is the recording Path To Profitability with Cameron Fous         For those of you guys that haven’t been to Costa Rica you must! I love traveling and trading the views inspire you to make cash! The internet usually will suck so you have to be really sharp and efficient making you a much better trader. I almost never lose on the road!



We will have another Path To Profitability this Sunday with my good student WES BAYS.   He has gotten really consistent with his trading and has a couple 10k weeks in the last month or so.  He is a future star and is going to be going into this journey and give you some great tips on getting to the next level.


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