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Fun day! could ahve been hotter..it was setup for a 10k day. $kndi $dgly both huge movers.. I skeet skeeted my cover on $dgly in 5.9s and missed the big 5.8 breakdown!  STill did pretty good but needed a bit more aggressiveness on it.


Here is Our webinar last week my student Harsh on his Path to Profitability! He blew up his first account and lost 10k in 3 weeks and has made an epic comeback and one of the most consistent traders in our hedgefund! He killed it in KNDI in chatroom today. All day walking us through his trades and thoughts!  He killed this for us. What a great addition to our chatroom him helping people out.

Here is the link to his webinar:  Path to Profitability

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We have our Trading Bootcamp Starting July 27th next month! If you want to learn to trade and then have the opportunity to trade inside our hedgefund  this is a great chance for you. We are looking for our next star student! This is an opportunity to learn to trade over 60 days and then trade inside our fund and use our capital. if you got questions email me kunal@bullson.ws




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