Boom Boom Stocks 1/6/2011

Morning folks. Market looking like a slight gapper this morning on strong jobs numbers.  Good strength in the markets past couple days.  We have been greeted with opening weakness and bam we find support and the buying begins.   Once the opening gap reversed we never looked back top ticking most of the day.  Im not much of a fundamental or data guy but the jobs number does at least read good meaning any terrible number could have shifted sentiment on the u.s. economy which would have put undue pressure on the markets.  right now the spx 1284 level is something to watch if we can break past that and hit the october highs we jsut might be in good shape.


gappers of interest $kitd $sd  $dndn from the good folks at trade-ideas

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lazy mans blog. market bgeen up so much every stock looks like a breakout. went through couple thousand. will get you guys the full
list in the chatroom once i see the open and get a feel for what type of day it is and what will run

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